Grunge City Geometric Urban Landscape Art

About the Artwork

I made a set of vector art, abstract pieces using flat geometric shapes depicting buildings in an urban setting. Flat, geometric poster illustration has been trending for a while now and I thought I’d try it out. Here’s what I came up with! Click on the images for more detail:

Grunge Spring Rusty Pretty City Geometric Urban Landscape

This version has a trendy Spring palette of pink, green, blue and purple. I fashioned the background to look like outer space nebula with vintage rust and glowing green moon, then sheathed the buildings in brocade and a mosaic-like pattern. The result is a grunge, pretty, pastel-toned piece with gritty, contrasting textures.

Here it is on a tote bag:

This and other products are available on Redbubble.

If you’d like to customize the products for personalized gift-giving, you can find the design on Zazzle. The most popular so far is the jigsaw puzzle. Here’s a clock:

Grunge Winter Rusty City Geometric Flat Urban Landscape

Winter color palette of grays and muted browns. I added rusting, galvanized iron sheet texture to the buildings, and cracked old concrete and scratched metal textures to the background. In contrast is a bright yellow sun with vintage paper texture floating in the sky.

More products on Redbubble. Customizable gifts are on Zazzle. Here’s a table lamp:

Autumn City Sunset Geometric Flat Urban Landscape

Autumn color palette of earthy brown, orange, yellow and green. I added burl wood and cracked concrete textures. The background is vintage leather and paper, with a striped, gradated sun.

See other products on Redbubble. Customizable version is available through Zazzle. Here’s a flask, the most popular among a bunch of customizable gifts.

Spring Night Sakura Cherry Blossom Geometric City Landscape

Spring color palette of muted purple, green and blue. I added a glassy texture and faintly glowing, striped moon. Background is vintage fiber paper textures, with a photo of sakura or cherry blossoms that I took at Sumida Park in Tokyo, Japan.

See the product lineup on Redbubble. Gifts that you may add your name or initials to are available on Zazzle. Here’s a vanity mirror:

Summer Night City Colorful Trendy Flat Geometric Landscape

Check out the entire product line-up on Redbubble. At Zazzle, where all gifts are customizable with your names or other text, a popular gift is the luggage tug:

Gorgeous Metal Posters on Displate

This piece is also available as part of a series of metal prints on Displate.

Geometric Cityscapes by Beverly Claire Fine Art on Displate

Makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys grungy, trendy, modern designs.

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