Purple and Yellow Pansies Watercolor Painting with Washi Paper

About the Artwork

Lovely Pansies in Purple and Yellow with Beige Washi Background by Beverly Claire Fine Art

“Purple and Yellow Pansies Watercolor Painting with Washi Paper” by Beverly Claire Fine Art

A lovely watercolor painting of pansies with purple and yellow petals and fresh green leaves. It has a washi (Japanese paper) background in beige with dark gold flecks. I hand-painted this piece on December 2013. So happy to share it with you!

Art prints are available. The original is not for sale but I added the painting to a suite of gifts:

Please Note: The gift products for sale carries a print of my hand-painted watercolor artwork. The product itself is not directly/individually hand-painted.

The most popular items so fa is the invitation set, shown above. Make your party invite memorable with a hand-painted watercolor print!

Customizable postage stamps, greeting cards, postcards, posters and canvas prints are also available.

Customize with your names or other text for a unique, personalized gift.

Click here to view more gifts carrying a print of this purple and yellow pansies painting.

Here’s a framing idea:

Purple and Yellow Pansies Watercolor with Beige Washi by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Framing idea for “Purple and Yellow Pansies Watercolor with Beige Washi “

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