Rin Dignified Japanese Umenohana Plum Blossoms with Moon

About the Artwork

Japanese Plum Blossoms Moon Gold Orange Red Branch

Japanese Plum Blossoms Moon Gold Orange Red Branch

Beautiful Japanese plum blossoms (called “ume no hana” in Japan) at night, with the moon in the background. Shades of red, orange, yellow and burgundy make up the plum blossom tones in subtle gradations. Decorative branches form a frame around the glowing moon with gold lining. The blossoms, in full bloom, half bloom and buds, are prettily arranged to complement each other.

I had a fun time drawing the blossoms and branches. I hope you like it as much as I do! The kanji character in the middle says “rin” meaning dignified. Enjoy the plum blossom theme with an elegant color palette.

Here’s a Pinterest-friendly version, a poster mockup without my watermark in the center of the image:

Japanese Plum Blossoms Moon Gold Orange Red Branch

Plum Blossoms Prints and Gifts

Art prints are available on Artflakes.

Alternatively, customizable gifts carrying this image are available on Zazzle. Add your names or initial for a personalized gift.

The most popular gift item with this design is the business card holder:

Other gifts include couple mugs, table lamps and throw pillows, among many others.

See the entire collection here:

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