Vibrant Orange Peonies Acrylic Painting

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Vibrant Orange Peonies with Green Leaves

“Vibrant Orange Peonies with Green Leaves” acrylic painting by Beverly Claire Fine Art. Note: The watermark in the preview above will not appear on the original work.

Vibrant orange peonies with yellow highlights and green leaves. I love these showy ornamental plants, with their compound leaves and large, often fragrant flowers blooming in late Spring and early Summer. Acrylic on watercolor paper.


  • Release: 12 January 2015
  • Medium: Acrylic on Paper 300gsm (140-lb)
  • Size: 26.5 cm x 22 cm (10.4 in x 8.6 in)
  • Availability: Available
  • Price: USD 125.00
  • This piece is painted with artist-grade acrylic on acid free, 140-lb rough watercolor paper (Langton 100% cotton). This is an original, signed work of art. It is unframed. The artwork will be packaged in a cello sleeve and shipped flat inside a sturdy cardboard mailer.

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  • 公表: 2015年1月12日
  • 絵具: アクリル絵具+上質水彩紙 (Langton 300gsm)
  • 寸法: 26.5 センチ x 22 センチ
  • 入手: 発売中
  • 価格: 米ドル125.00(日本円に換算可)(税込)
  • 高級水彩紙(300gsm、中性紙、コットン100%)で描かれた絵画です。額なしサインありのオリジナル作品です。クリアなビニル袋及び厚紙で包装し簡易書留を付けて郵送します。


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The peony is named after Paeon, a student of medicine and healing. In Greek mythology, Paeon’s teacher, a Greek god, became jealous of him. Zeus turned Paeon into the peony flower to save him from the wrath of his teacher.

At home we have a vase full of silk flower peonies in orange, red and yellow hues; they inspired me to paint this piece.

Silk flower peonies at home in a vase arrangement

Silk flower peonies at home in a vase arrangement

In Japan the peony is called 牡丹 “botan”. Peonies are often portrayed in ukiyo-e woodblock prints in Japan.

There is an old folk tale in Ishikawa, a Japanese prefecture facing the Sea of Japan, about a young man and the peony flower. I tell the story below:

The Young Man and the Peony Flower

Once upon a time, there was a young man who loved the woods and nature. He was an avid gardener and familiar with all the vegetation in the forests surrounding his hut. Quite often he would go into the woods and find plants to grow in his verdant garden.

One day, as he was exploring the mountains, he chanced upon an incredibly fragrant breeze. Unfamiliar with the scent, he tracked it all the way up a steep cliff. Undaunted, he climbed over it and couldn’t believe his eyes. In front of him was the most beautiful field of peonies he had ever seen. The young man was surprised to find such a secret meadow high up the mountains. He was content to just gaze upon the flower field.

Detail screenshot of "Vibrant Orange Peonies Acrylic Painting" acrylic painting

Detail screenshot of “Vibrant Orange Peonies Acrylic Painting” acrylic painting

All of a sudden there was a movement and the flowers parted to reveal a beautiful young woman. She seemed to float next to him, with no sound. Her smile was mesmerizing. The young man thought “She must be some kind of flower angel”. To his surprise she spoke to him, in a musical voice that was hard to resist. She said “Please give me that flower branch”, pointing to one of the peony plants, the one with the largest flower.

The young man resisted. “I’m sorry. It is not my garden. The flower is not for me to give to you.”

Detail screenshot of "Vibrant Orange Peonies Acrylic Painting" acrylic painting

Detail screenshot of “Vibrant Orange Peonies Acrylic Painting” acrylic painting

But the young woman said that she owned the field, and bid him to do as was told. There was a hint of sadness in her voice. Perplexed, the young man broke off the branch and handed it to the her. At that moment he lost consciousness.

When the young man came to he found himself at the bottom of the cliff. An old man from the village had found him and was trying to wake him up. “You must have fallen down the cliff” said the old man. “It’s a miracle you have no injuries.” He then helped the young man to his feet and together they climbed down the mountain. Up on the cliff, they were seen off by a large peony, whose mist-covered petals seemed like the tears of a young woman.

Detail screenshot of "Vibrant Orange Peonies Acrylic Painting" acrylic painting

Detail screenshot of “Vibrant Orange Peonies Acrylic Painting” acrylic painting

The young man arrived at his hut and was amazed to find a large peony flower growing in his front garden. It was the very same flower he had taken and handed to the mysterious young woman. The flower bloomed year after year, its beauty never ceasing. The young man took very good care of the plant. He lived by himself, looking after his garden. Unlike his friends, he remained unmarried, never taking a wife. The End.

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Here’s a framing idea, Pinterest-ready:

Framing idea for "Vibrant Orange Peonies Acrylic Painting" acrylic painting's enlarged art print version.

Framing idea for “Vibrant Orange Peonies Acrylic Painting” acrylic painting’s enlarged art print version.

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Vibrant Orange Peonies Stationery Set

Customizable postcards are available. Make this painting a custom greeting card by adding your own text and message. This card has artwork in both front and back. Pair with a matching envelope and postage stamp for a coordinated stationery set. Customizable invitation cards and address labels are also available.

Vibrant Orange Peonies Acrylic Painting Stationery Set

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