Blue Wooden Door to Secret Rose Garden Painting

About the Artwork

Blue Wooden Door to Secret Rose Garden

A painting of a blue, old wooden door at a lovely English garden with pink climbing roses and colorful flowering plants all around. The sun shines brightly and the air is filled with a fresh floral scent… one is just tempted to climb the stairs and open the arched doorway and see what blooms inside. Enjoy the vibrant, colorful tones of this Spring image. I handpainted the original artwork using acrylic on canvas board on January 2015.

Framed Sample of Blue Door to Secret Rose Garden Painting

Here’s a framing example:

Blue Wooden Door to Secret Rose Garden

Also available as a metal print on Displate. This one doesn’t require a frame!

Metal Print of Blue Wooden Door to Secret Rose Garden Painting on Displate

Makes a wonderful housewarming gift. Also a lovely birthday present for anyone who loves flowers and books with a gardening theme.

Customizable Gifts with Blue Door to Secret Rose Garden Painting

All of the above are customizable with your own text. Send them as personalized gifts. See the rest of the lineup here.

Gifts are also available on Redbubble.

Inspiration for Blue Door to Secret Rose Garden Painting

I was inspired by a scene in Burnett’s novel “The Secret Garden”. It was what came to mind when I captured this view on camera, of a door at an English garden.

The walls were covered with the prettiest climbing roses.

Below are some photos I took that inspired me to paint this door. Climbing roses are just so, so lovely!

Climbing Roses

Some of them are available individually as prints. Click on the thumbnails to see the them large:

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An abundance of beautiful, pink climbing roses, with sunlight streaming through. I took the photo on July 2013, at a lovely English rose garden in Karuizawa, a much-loved summer resort in Japan. I gave the image a vintage look.

Art Prints

A white bench surrounded by pink roses and other flowers at a beautiful English garden. Enjoy the sweet yet vibrant tones of this outdoor image. I took this photo on a lovely Spring day in May.

Photography Prints

Lovely old wooden door surrounding by beautiful pink climbing roses and other verdant greenery. Reminiscent of the famous children’s novel about a secret garden. I took this photo on a lovely day in Spring. Enjoy the vintage charm and gardening delights that this image evokes.

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