Hidden Passion in Vibrant Pink & Black

About the Artwork

Hidden Passion by Beverly Claire Kaiya

“Hidden Passion” in vibrant pink tones and black geometric line patterns

It rained all day yesterday. Japan has entered the 梅雨 tsuyu or rainy season. A typhoon is out there somewhere. Well, at least the rain’s good for the plants, not to mention the dams.

Other parts of the world seem to be getting lots of rain and wind as well: flooding in Europe, hurricanes/tornadoes in America… It’s rather gloomy, isn’t it.

In this post we’ll take a look at some pretty home accessories to cheer us up. When it’s wet and grey outside I like a dose of vibrant color. Today we’ll go with: hot pink!

Hello Girl

I was perusing my sketchbooks the other day and found one with lots of rough drawings of women. There was one in particular than reflected my mood at that moment:

My rough sketch of a woman with long, flowing hair

My rough sketch of a woman with long, flowing hair

She might be described as sleepy, but I like to think she’s quietly contemplating! I wanted to see where I could take her in Illustrator:

Drawing the figure in Adobe Illustrator

Drawing the figure in Adobe Illustrator

I drew a background wherein I could add plenty of patterns, like a monochromatic, abstract quilt.

Coloring the hair in Illustrator

Coloring the hair in Illustrator

After laying out the patterns I colored in her hair, with different shades of pink.

I call this piece “Hidden Passion”, a stylized drawing of a woman wearing a dark cape, her flaming pink hair tumbling out despite her efforts to keep it under wraps.

The Monochromatic Look

Modern interiors with neutral walls and simple, elegant furnishings are very versatile in that we can add dashes of colors through accessories, easily changing them to match the mood or season.

Hidden Passion hanging as a framed poster in a virtual room.

Hidden Passion hanging as a framed poster in a virtual room. Throw pillows (L to R): zebra stripes pillow | hot pink pillow | black pillow | damask pillow

This is the kind of plain interior I had in mind for the “Hidden Passion” piece. I created this 3D render using Shade 13 Pro. With the word “minimalist” in mind 🙂 The artwork is printed as a large, framed poster, with a pink outer mat and black inner mat. I also designed four throw pillows to complement the piece.

More of Hidden Passion

For those who don’t want a poster or canvas print, there are many other items containing “Hidden Passion”, ready for your customization or personalization. Here are a few picks (Note: Click on the image to view details):

Hidden Passion Messenger Bag by Beverly Claire

All of these items are customizable, so you can add your names and other text. I like to think of artwork as not being sacred. I do like the idea of owners “adding” to the piece through personalization! “Make it your own” is something I’d advocate, rather than keeping artwork at arm’s length.

Vibrant Colors for the Rainy Season

I hope you enjoyed this post on my latest digital artwork, as well as my selection of pink and black accessories.

Did you ever go through a “hot pink phase” when it comes to interiors or personal effects? Please share in the comments section below!

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