Mt Fuji Cherry Blossoms Japanese Sakura Monogram

About the Artwork

Mt Fuji at night, during that magical early evening hour when the sky is a deep, clear blue. Beautiful cherry blossoms frame the mountain, their gorgeous, delicate pink petals contrasting with the dark sky. I was inspired by views of Fujisan from Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan. In the center is the Japanese “hanakotoba” (Language of Flowers) for sakura, “seishinbi” meaning spiritual beauty or inner beauty.

Mt Fuji Cherry Blossoms Spring Japan Night Sakura by Beverly Claire

Mt Fuji Cherry Blossoms Spring Japan Night Sakura by Beverly Claire

Available as poster and other gifts on Redbubble:

Mt Fuji Cherry Blossoms Spring Japan Night Sakura on Redbubble

In Spring the cherry trees burst into bloom, their translucent, ethereal look enhanced by the blue gradations of the mountain and sky.

On Zazzle you can add your initials, name or other text inside the white moon circle to personalize the design. Makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys Japanese themes, cherry blossoms, Spring colors or mountains and flowers in general.

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Visit my travel blog to read more about my inspirations for this design: hanami or flower viewing, cherry blossom appreciation parties, and yozakura or “night sakura”, cherry trees lit up to create an other-worldly atmosphere.

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