Autumn Roses Watercolor Painting

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Autumn Roses Watercolor Painting by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Autumn Roses watercolor painting. Note: The watermark in the preview above will not appear on the original work.

A lovely bunch of hybrid tea roses that bloom in fall. The actual flowers have green foliage but I gave them orange autumn leaves in this painting, to reflect the red and orange trees around them.


  • Release: November 13, 2013
  • Medium: Watercolor on Paper 300gsm (140-lb)
  • Size: 27.3 cm x 22 cm (10.7 in x 8.6 in)
  • Availability: Sold
  • Price:
  • This piece is painted with transparent watercolor on acid free, 140-lb rough watercolor paper (100% cotton). This is an original, signed work of art. It is unframed. The artwork will be packaged in a cello sleeve and shipped flat inside a sturdy cardboard mailer.

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  • 公表: 2013年11月3日
  • 絵具: 水彩+水彩紙 (Langton 300gsm)
  • 寸法: 27.3 センチ x 22 センチ
  • 入手: 売却済み
  • 価格:
  • 水彩紙(300gsm、中性紙、コットン100%)で描かれた小さな絵です。額なしサインありのオリジナル作品です。クリアなビニル袋及び厚紙で包装し簡易書留を付けて郵送します。


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A detail screenshot:

Detail screenshot of Autumn Roses by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Detail screenshot of “Autumn Roses” watercolor painting

Here’s a framing idea:

Framing idea for "Autumn Roses" watercolor painting's enlarged art print version.

Framing idea for “Autumn Roses” watercolor painting’s enlarged art print version.

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